Bridge4PS supports a highly diverse user community operating in a broad range of operational environments sharing different types of content. The default notification settings allow message previews for users in hands-free environments to receive content on smart watches or without requiring extra steps to get into the device to view the content.

While the default is set to be most accessible, Bridge4PS security and notification settings can be configured to meet the broad range of regulatory and operational requirements of our users and their organizational policies. Below is some guidance on how to customize your personal notification settings. We recommend the following:

In-App Security Settings

Enable Screen Lock in App
(choose your avatar to open Settings)

  • Allow biometrics (if supported)
  • lock period not more than 15 minutes

Multi-Factor Authentication is available with a Pro subscription. Learn more here.

iOS Device Notifications SettingsAndroid Device Notification Settings
  • Allow Notifications = On
  • Banner Style = Persistent
  • Show Previews = When Unlocked / Never
  • Show Notifications = On
  • Lock screen = Hide content
  • Pop-up = On (optional)