First-time user login:
  1. Be sure you are entering the username all lowercase.
  2. Try your email address all lowercase as an alternative to the username provided in the welcome email.
  3. Temporary password is case sensitive. Be sure you are using the appropriate cases and special character(s).

After initial login:
  1. Select “Forgot your Password” below the username field on the login screen and enter your username or email address (all lowercase) 
  2. You will receive a password reset code.
    • If a cell phone number is on file, the reset code will be texted. 
    • In no cell phone number on file, reset code will be emailed.
  3. Passwords are case sensitive and must contain a minimum of 8 characters including:
    • (1) Capital letter
    • (1) Lowercase letter
    • (1) Special character (avoid using @ for the character)
    • (1) Number
If you are still unable to login, contact